My Journey

Indoor plants has always been a trend. And currently, plantmania spiked crazily. A lot of people are appreciating more the natural beauty of houseplants nowadays. However, my venture with plants has started somewhere else last 2019.

Plants featured on the buffet table are some air plants, Peperomia tricolour, Monstera cutting propagating in leca balls,  and Philodendron Bipennifolium (from left to right).

          Home decor and DIYs were my absolute passion until I started incorporating houseplants to bring warmth and enhance the natural look of the home. But I did not consider the responsibility of making sure the plants will stay alive. Few of my plants died, which really made me sad. Only my jade plant and aloe vera which I bought from flea market for 5 dollars each, stayed hard and strong amidst the negligence. That made me decided to choose fake plants over buying real ones. Also, fake ones were more cheap and less responsibility.


Rare plants featured are Variegated Monstera Albo, Anthurium Clarinervium, and Philodendron Verrucosum (from top left to bottom right).

          Thinking about my jade plant and aloe that were about and few more succulents gone, I went through youtube videos on how to keep these plants alive. And I got hooked watching plant care tips, plant tours and even plant propagation. From there, I have learnt a lot of different houseplants and their specific care tips. Watching the youtubers (like PlanterinaCrazy Plant GuyHarli GSharina TalladaPlant Life in the TropicsNick Pileggi and Becca De La Plants) of their plant collection and their experiences really have inspired to collect plants more and more until I could not stop myself sometimes. I am sure anyone reading this can relate.
          Then I got to Kaylee Ellen's channel and saw her beautiful rare plants. I was amazed and in awe. In effect, my collection went broader. Also, I was propagating some plants that needed pruning and it really paid well to make more plants and share it to others plant lovers.